Monday, April 5, 2010

Shepherd's Stew

After enjoying lovely roast lamb last night and hot lamb sandwiches for lunch today, we thought we'd turn leftovers into a shepherd's pie, although we ended up with delicious Shepherd's stew!

Morgan removed the remaining meat off the bone and then we made fresh stock by simmering the bones in enough water to cover them. I added a roughly chopped onion, carrot, bay leaf and celery.

After 1hr I removed the bits and reduced the stock down to 4 cups and added salt and pepper. Meanwhile I made mashed potatoes with both regular and sweet potato. I used butter and a little cream and whipped them together with a whisk. I also added 2tbsp of Parmesan cheese to the mash.

I finely chopped up one red onion, 2 stalks of celery and 1 carrot and sauteed them in a little olive oil for 5 minutes.

Into the stock I added 2tbsp tomato paste, 2 tsp beef stock powder, 2tbsp Worcestershire sauce, 2tbsp plain flour. Then, I added the diced lamb, new bay leaf and sauteed vegetables and cook for 10mins to reduce the liquid. Finally add shredded silverbeet and dobbed mashed potato on top.

I had too much stock and too little potato, so I just allowed a few icebergs of potato to float on the top of the 'pie' as I put it into the oven.

When I checked on the pie 20minutes later, the potato had spread around the top by itself. Neat! I added a little butter on top to help the edges gain a golden colour. Cook for a final 20mins.

Shepherd's Stew!

Sprinkled with parsley, salt and pepper. Eat with a spoon instead of a fork! :)

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