Friday, April 16, 2010

Ginger, lemon and maple syrup tea

This week we have been quite sick with a virus that has hit lots of people we know. How grateful I am to see the knobs of ginger and big lemons in our box this week. It's almost as if the earth knows what we need to get better. This is the absolute best thing I can think of for a sore throat.


Thinly slice a knob of ginger into a jug. Pour boiling water over the ginger. Scrap off some lemon zest and add to the water. Add a few tbsp of maple syrup to taste. Maple syrup has a low fructose level and high levels of zinc, which makes it a healthier option than honey.

Allow to steep for at least 20mins--until cool enough to drink. Add fresh lemon juice when you serve to ensure the vitamin C is not broken down.

I recommend drinking a few litres of this over a period of hours to really make you feel better.

It is important not to add the lemon juice until serving. This way, you can pour new glasses of ginger tea throughout the day without it tasting 'off' due to the lemon juice going stale.

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