Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tuna San Choy Bow

Over the weekend we visited Melbourne and caught up with family and enjoyed a wedding of old friends. Melbourne food is fantastic, but eating out reminds me of how delicious eating in can be.

Getting home tonight I was craving Food Connect veges! My cats were grumpy with me, so I tried (without success) to tempt them with a small tin of tuna. That committed me to making something with tuna. So, here's what I did.

Tuna San Choy Bow

Tuna mixture

1 x 95g can of Sirena tuna
1 clove garlic mashed
2 tsp grated ginger
2 small stalks celery finely chopped
2 tbsp whole egg mayonnaise
Handful of sprouted mung beans
1/2 lime's worth of juice
2 green tops of spring onions (I plant them on my balcony, rather than put them in the fridge)
Splash of soy sauce
A few drops sesame oil
Sprinkle of salt

Mix all ingredients and spoon onto a small cos lettuce washed and peeled. Steam a cob of corn and carve off kernels and sprinkle on top.

Crack fresh pepper over the top and splort garlic chilli sauce according to tastes.

Eat with your hands and sigh a big sigh of relief that you're home! :)

I used Frank's Hot sauce. I got to know this whilst living in the USA. It's a gorgeous product and deserves a place in your chilli cupboard.

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