Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heirloom Tomato Pizza

Last night you didn't hear much from us because we enjoyed leftover curry. Yummo! Tonight I convinced my amazing beloved to make pizza dough for dinner to honour the heirloom tomatoes that just arrived in our Food Connect Gourmet box.

Look at these beauties!

I made an olive oil, garlic, lime juice, mystery herb (minty thyme or oregano?), rosemary, salt and pepper marinade.

I allowed the oil, herbs and garlic mixture to meld with the fresh tomato whilst Morgan's pizza dough was constructed. I have no idea how he wrangles the yeast and flour into submission, but I appreciate it so much. Thanks baby!!!

I take shortcuts that make sense. These pizza tomato pastes sit in our fridge for months and save time.

Rocket, marinated tomatoes, cheddar cheese, green capsicum, sliced mushrooms, olives, fresh red chillies, spring onions and the leftover Castello on top.

In the oven for 10-15mins

Oooooh yummmy!!!


What a good life


  1. That looks sooooo delish! I'm loving these heirlooms - Ray and Sam are doing a fantastic job up there in Stanthorpe. A couple of young, fun, committed farmers.

  2. It was very tasty! Do you know what the orange thingies are in our box this week? They are sweet like a melon. I ate one for dessert with yogurt and vanilla sugar.

  3. Skate ... the orange thingies :D are persimmons.

  4. I'm so jealous that you got persimmons in your box this week (I alternate between mini and gourmet box, so missed out in my mini this week!). Just ordered some as an extra for next week - they are delicious!

    We used our heirlooms in a salsa, similar to yours featured earlier in the blog. yummy.